Chan 2011 - Human aquatic colour vision

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Chan 2011 - Human aquatic colour vision

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Ch 11: Human Aquatic Color Vision (pp 173 - 180)
Wang-Chak Chan
in: Was Man More Aquatic In The Past?
Fifty Years After Alister Hardy Waterside Hypothesis Of Human Evolution
Eds. Vaneechoutte M., Verhaegen M., Kuliukas A.
eISBN: 978-1-60805-244-8, 2011.

Many human physiological and behavioral features could possibly be explained as semi-aquatic adaptations in the remote past. However, aspects of human perception and cognition have rarely been considered in this light. In this chapter, human color vision will be discussed at two levels.

At the physiological level, visual pigments of retinal cone/rod cells, being essential to color vision, are compared among humans, their closest primate relatives, and terrestrial as well as aquatic mammals. Also the cause of human color blindness is discussed.

At the cultural level, the mystery of ‘ fuzzy’ color terms like grue (green-or-blue) in many world languages is discussed, and we propose a new model based on two arguments: each color term actually corresponds to a naturally occurring color, and the ‘ fuzzy’ terms were produced in a semi-aquatic primitive life since the dawn of human language. ... 1/0173.SGM
Waterside hypotheses of human evolution assert that selection from wading, swimming and diving and procurement of food from aquatic habitats have significantly affected the evolution of the lineage leading to Homo sapiens as distinct from that leading to Pan. (p118)
Kuliukas, A., Morgan, E. (2011). Aquatic scenarios in the thinking on human evolution: What are they and how do they compare?. In: Vaneechoutte, M., Verhaegen, M., Kuliukas, A. (2011). Was Man More Aquatic in the Past?
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