Verhaegen et al 2002; Aquarboreal Ancestors?

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Verhaegen et al 2002; Aquarboreal Ancestors?

Postby AlgisKuliukas » Sun Oct 30, 2011 11:38 am

Verhaegen, M., Puech, P., Munro, S. Aquarboreal Ancestors?. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 17:212-217, (2002).
Waterside hypotheses of human evolution assert that selection from wading, swimming and diving and procurement of food from aquatic habitats have significantly affected the evolution of the lineage leading to Homo sapiens as distinct from that leading to Pan. (p118)
Kuliukas, A., Morgan, E. (2011). Aquatic scenarios in the thinking on human evolution: What are they and how do they compare?. In: Vaneechoutte, M., Verhaegen, M., Kuliukas, A. (2011). Was Man More Aquatic in the Past?
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