Elaine Morgan on TED

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Re: Elaine Morgan on TED

Postby Not RP » Thu Nov 03, 2011 3:06 pm

AlgisKuliukas wrote:
eversbane wrote:As you know I've been a serious critic of WHHE. After giving it a lot of thought the last couple days it occurred to me that I haven't been very objective in my approach. All I've been doing is looking for ways to attack it. I allowed emotion to cloud my logic.

I'm not saying I've changed my mind. I still think there are more reasonable explanations for bipedalism and an hair loss, but the hypothesis is probably not nearly as far flung as I have been asserting over the last couple years. I think partly I was just trying to ingratiate myself with the other Dags. Looking back lately I'm ashamed of my behavior. I will try and be more objective here in expressing my areas of disagreement, and apologize for the way I've been acting for the last few years.

Honestly, welcome eversbane. (if this really is you - hard to tell!)

I really appreciate this opening statement and I promise to reciprocate. I gladly accept the apology. Let's please just move on and forget all about all that. :)

I don't think you realise how close I came to dropping the idea a few months ago. The "Cooper" evidence was (and still is) pretty devastating to me. So, I'm not saying I changed my mind either but I came pretty close.

I look forward to reading your criticisms of these ideas.


Not RP


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