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Bipedalism Model Evaluator

Postby AlgisKuliukas » Sun Jun 30, 2013 2:03 pm

My son, Kestutis, kindly built a cool pHp driven web page which allows anyone to evaluate the published bipedalism models in the literature.

It's based on the tried and trusted (centuries old) way of assesssing written work used in academia - the marking rubric.

If you do not agree that a criterion should be there, set it's weighting to 0. If you think I've missed some, just enter your own marks against one of the columns on the sheet but substitute your own topic in your own mind when doing your assessments.

Each model and each criteria has a web page describing it in more detail.

There are two levels, a simple one - where you just rate each model as good, fair or bad; and a more complex one where you can rank them with a mark from 0-9.

After you've entered your assessments, click "Rank Models" and they'll be listed in order for you.

You can copy your assesssments from the "Text Load" area at the bottom, and/or load other people's asssessments.

Happy evaluating!

Waterside hypotheses of human evolution assert that selection from wading, swimming and diving and procurement of food from aquatic habitats have significantly affected the evolution of the lineage leading to Homo sapiens as distinct from that leading to Pan. (p118)
Kuliukas, A., Morgan, E. (2011). Aquatic scenarios in the thinking on human evolution: What are they and how do they compare?. In: Vaneechoutte, M., Verhaegen, M., Kuliukas, A. (2011). Was Man More Aquatic in the Past?
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